Small Hardwood Photo Stands

Small Hardwood Photo Stands

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These print stands are made from a solid piece of walnut, Maple or Oak. They are sanded smooth to the touch and they have a beautiful eye catching shape. The groove is cut into the front portion of the stand so as to provide stability for larger prints and keeps them from falling over. The groove is cut at a 5 degree angle to give the appropriate lean to the print. These stands can be ordered with an 1/8th inch groove or with a 1/4" groove. You can choose your groove size after adding the item to your cart. The edges are beautifully rounded and perfectly smooth to the touch. 

I finish these stands with boiled linseed oil and beeswax to bring out the deep tone and grain of the walnut while adding a layer of protection from spills and scratches. 

These stands are 3" long and 3/4" thick.


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