Walnut 10x10 Photo Album Box

Walnut 10x10 Photo Album Box

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These album boxes are made of hand selected boards, chosen for their unique grain pattern and deep tone. I plane the walls of my boxes down to a half inch giving them a bold look while adding to the durability. The bottom is made of a quarter inch thick panel that is captured by the the four walls, hiding all edges of the panel. The top is made out of a half inch panel that has been rabbited on all four sides creating a raised inset that sits snug inside the box so as to prevent it from sliding off. The tops have rounded edges and the corners are mitered with splines giving them a decorative look.

Mitered corners are beautiful but offer very little joint strength. Over time or after being dropped they tend to come apart. That is why I use a traditional dovetail jointing technique. While adding to the strength and durability of the mitered corner, dovetails also add an extra decorative look. By using dovetails the box will keep it's beauty through generations. 

I make these boxes with 1 inch of wiggle room for easy access and to allow room for added fabric/ribbon. They comfortably fit a 2 inch or a 3 inch thick album. You can choose your album thickness in the drop down "album thickness" menu. I finish these boxes with hand rubbed oil and urethane to bring out the beautiful grain of walnut while adding to the durability. I apply a final top coat of wax that adds a soft feel and a satin sheen.

 For engravings, please choose a font from the list provided in the product photos and leave the font number and text in the provided engraving field. We will provide a proof of the engraving for you to approve of the size and location of the artwork. 

Orders of 5 or more boxes are eligible for a 15% discount. Just enter the code "bulk15" at checkout. 

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